The Electric Fence was added with the electronic update (See also TV, Stereo and Computer).

The fence zaps players and mobs that touch it for approximately three hearts of damage (without the player/entity wearing armour), it is possible to jump over it.

To build a useful fence it should be built a block off the ground so it can not be jumped over. If a Creeper touches an Electric Fence it will become a Charged Creeper.

Crafting RecipeEdit

To craft Electric Fence you need 7 Iron Ingot, 1 White Fence and 1 Redstone Torch, yelds 8 items. Be sure to place 3 iron ingots on the top row, one white fence in the EXACT middle, one redstone torch on the bottom middle, and an iron ingot on the left and right sides of the middle, and iron ingots on the bottom left and right.


MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod Electronic Update Showcase!

MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod Electronic Update Showcase!