Q:There are invisible blocks! Edit

A:Remove optifine if you have it.Otherwise you need to check if there is a new version of the mod or you are using a development version.

Q:PLZ ADD <item>! Edit

A:MrCrayfish will never add anything if you keep spamming.Thanks for suggesting,but it all amounts to spam.

Q:How do I install the mod? Edit


1.Install Forge from (if you're not a developer,just choose "Installer" or "InstallerEXE"(windows only)).

2.Then,download the mod,and find your .minecraft.The steps below will show you how to find your .minecraft.


Press Windows+R and type &appdata&.

Scroll down till you find .minecraft.


Open your home folder.

Press Ctrl+H(reveal hidden folders)

Find .minecraft.

3.Put the mod's .jar into the "mods" folder.

4.Load the "Forge" profile in your Minecraft launcher to start playing.

Q:How do you make <furniture>? Edit

A:Your answer is always on the furniture's page or on the Crafting Recipes page.

Q:When will <version number> come???!!!!! Edit

A:When it comes.There needs to be a stable Forge version.

Q:I'm scared.I need a hug. Edit



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