Picture of Fence (White) in Game

Fence (White) also known as a picket fence is a fence that was added in the Garden Update (along side the Hedges, TapBird Bath and Stone Paths). It is designed to be a more aesthetically pleasing fence. It cannot be jumped over, like wooden fences and hedges.

House front mailbox doorbell stonepath picketfence fencegate

When placed next to wooden fences, white fences will not appear to connect to them. However, white fences will appear to connect to fence gates when placed next to them, as shown in the picture at right.

The texture used is taken from the Quartz block, and the sound of breaking and placing is Quartz Block.

Crafting Recipe Edit

The Fence (White) can be made using the image below as a guide. It requires 1 Fence and 1 Bonemeal. The recipe makes you 2 Fences (White)