The Fridge is a block that can be crafted to be placed in your kitchen. The fridge has two components, they are the 'Freezer' area nd the 'Fridge' (details below). It's aesthetic as well as practical for those who wish to have a more quality living space within the Minecraft world. 

The textures of the fridge come from the current texture/resource pack in use. It uses textures from the following blocks: Iron Block, Black Wool, and [Smooth] Stone.


Right-click the bottom half of the fridge to open up the freezer GUI. Here, you can freeze various items to turn them into something else. The freezer contains 3 slots, one for fuel, one for the item to freeze, and an output slot for your frozen item.

Fuels for the Freezer are as follows:

  • The Cooling Pack freezes 12.5 items per pack.
  • Ice freezes 25 items per block.

Listed below are all of the items that can currently be frozen and the resulting item that they freeze into.

  • A water bucket is frozen into a block of ice (after freezing, the bucket remains in the input slot, but is now empty).
  • A lava bucket is frozen into obsidian (after freezing, the bucket remains in the input slot, but is now empty).
  • A slime ball will be frozen into a snowball.
  • Rotten Flesh is frozen into Flesh which can be cooked either in an Oven or furnace to turn it into Cooked Flesh.
  • Don't throw away those poisonous potatoes! Freeze them to turn them back into regular potatoes!

Fridge Edit

This will only store food. Other than that, it is not of much use.


7 Iron Blocks, 1 Chest & 1 Furnace. The Iron Blocks go in an upside down letter 'U' with the furnace in the middle at the bottom and the chest in the centre.

Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 10.06.20