Oven GUI

The oven is an appliance that can be used to cook food. It has 4 top slots which you can queue food to be cooked. The oven has the exception of having unlimited fuel as it cooks slower than a normal furnace and has a quite expensive crafting recipe.

Food cooked in the oven will go into the 4 bottom slots in the same order the top slots are filled in.

For further decoration, you can make an Oven Overhead to place over the oven. For now the oven overhead is used an an aesthetic feature but in the future might possibly have a function.

Crafting RecipeEdit


The Oven requires 8 Iron Blocks (72 Iron Ingot) and a Furnace in the middle.

Bugs Edit

  • When Shift+Clicking any item out of the oven, it will crash your game. (caused by incorrect Forge version)
  • When you put food in the oven in a different order than 1-9, it will damage your world. (NOT RECREATEABLE - Tobywanbj) (fixed with new Oven overhaul -edited v4.1.5).
  • Warning: This Mod does not work for iOS.
  • annonymus user- on version 1.10.2 the oven does not work (fixed -tested on v4.1.2)

Message From the CreatorEdit

In the future, I plan to change how the oven works as it was my first attempt at doing a more advanced furnace which I essentially called an Oven to suit the mod. The Oven Overhead will also have a purpose. *cough* Stop fire *cough* - MrCrayfish

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