Oven Item


Picture of oven in game.

The oven is an appliance that can be used to cook food. It has 9 slots which you can queue food to be cooked. The oven has the exception of having unlimited fuel as it cooks slower than a normal furnace and has a quite expensive crafting recipe.

Food cooked in the oven will go into the other 9 slots on the right side depending what slot they were in on the left side.

Oven GUI empty with-cookable-items-in-inventory

For further decoration, you can make a Oven Overhead to place over the oven. For now the oven overhead is used an an aesthetic feature but in the future might possibly have a function.

Crafting RecipeEdit

The Oven can be made using the image below as a guide. It requires 8 Iron Blocks(72 Iron) and a Furnace

The crafting Recipe for the Oven. Requires 8 iron blocks and 1 furnace.


Bugs Edit

- When you put 9 stacks of meat (including flesh) in the oven, it will only cook 1 piece, and then not cook any more until you remove the cooked one.

-When Shift+Clicking any item out of the oven, it will crash your game.

-When you put food in the oven in a different order than 1-9, it will damage your world. (NOT RECREATEABLE - Tobywanbj)

Warning: This Mod does not work for iOS.

Message From the CreatorEdit

In the future, I plan to change how the oven works as it was my first attempt at doing a more advanced furnace which I essentially called an Oven to suit the mod. The Oven Overhead will also have a purpose. *cough* Stop fire *cough* - MrCrayfish

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