The TV is an electronic which was added in The Electronic Update (See also Computer, Printer and Stereo).

The TV has 3 channels that can be changed by right clicking to open the TV menu and pasting GIF URLs into each individual channel. Channels can be toggled by right clicking while holding the remote. GIFs larger than 2 MB cannot be used.

The TV menu also includes options for scaling the GIF to the TV screen's height and width, as well as turning the TV on and off.

Older versions had 5 channels: Villager News, Cooking with the Cray, a reality show parody, a He-Man parody, and a part of SethBling's BiteSized Minecraft video. The channels could be toggled by right clicking, and the TV could be muted by right clicking while holding down the shift key.

Crafting RecipeEdit

TV Recipe-0

The TV is crafted using 7 Iron Ingot, 1 Glass Pane, and 1 Redstone. Place a glass pane in the exact middle, redstone dust on the bottom middle, and every other space with iron ingot.

In older versions, oak wood was used in place of iron ingot.


MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod Electronic Update Showcase!

MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod Electronic Update Showcase!

Known Bugs Edit

  • Originally the TV was supposed to have an additional PAL channel which would turn off the TV when right clicking the PAL pattern, this currently does not work.
  • Often switching channels bugs the image or sound, to avoid this wait a few seconds after you've changed the channel, preferably wait till the animation is finished before switching to another channel.

The TV is a quite complicated item which requires a lot of testing, therefore bugs are to be expected and fixing all can take a long time with how often Minecraft is updated.

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