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The TV is an electronic which was added in The Electronic Update (See also Computer, Printer and Stereo).

The TV has 5 channels which can be changed by right clicking, you can also mute the TV by right clicking while holding Shift.

The channels are Villager News, Cooking with the Cray, a reality show parody, a He-Man parody and a part of SethBling's BiteSized Minecraft video.

Crafting RecipeEdit


The TV is crafted using 7 Oak Wood, 1 Glass Pane and 1 Redstone.

In older versions you can use other type of Wood as well.


MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod Electronic Update Showcase!

MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod Electronic Update Showcase!

Known Bugs Edit

  • ihatelife
  • riginally the TV was supposed to have an additional PAL channel which would turn off the TV when right clicking the PAL pattern, this currently does not work.
  • Often switching channels bugs the image or sound, to avoid this wait a few seconds after you've changed the channel, preferably wait till the animation is finished before switching to another channel.

The TV is a quite complicated item which requires a lot of testing, therefore bugs are to be expected and fixing all can take a long time with how often Minecraft is updated.