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The Toilet block

The Toilet was added as part of The Bathroom Update (See also Shower, Basin and Bin).
2014-04-20 22.51.44

The chat message displayed when you sit on the toilet

The Toilet is a block you can sit on by clicking the right mouse key and when the "G" key is pressed, will make one of three farting noises. Also, when any items and/or blocks are placed on the Toilet, you can shift and right click it to flush items down the drain, which causes a flushing sound to commence.

The textures are Water, Quartz and Cyan Stained Clay.

Crafting RecipeEdit


The Toilet is crafted using 5 Block of Quartz and one (Smooth Stone) Button.


MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod Update 15 - The Bathroom Update! Toilet!02:39

MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod Update 15 - The Bathroom Update! Toilet!

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